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Wanda Sykes as Hasene
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Onur Aydin 10 / 10

Best Turkish animation movie ever

Şero is a classical Turkish comics series, it's out-of-boundaries; smoking, drunk, playboy, outspoken cat that basically doesn't care about anything.

It was a great feeling to watch this kind of high quality animation on Turkish movie theaters. Hopefully it will be make worldwide, and people might understand Turkish jokes.

This is not for kids! It's for grown-ups, there is constant swearing, killing, alcohols, drugs, cigarettes etc. This is basically insane if you think of the current status of press freedom in Turkey.

This will be a cult animation movie for Turkey, and hopefully the rest of the world.

Watch this, you'll love it.

Reviewed by moviecoholic 9 / 10

Great Movie of a legendary character in Turkish culture

Everybody knows about the Garfield. The lazy, lasagna loving cat. He would be very sweet cat if you compare him with Kötü Kedi Şerafettin (bad cat şerafettin). He loves drinking rakı (a Turkish alcohol), barbecue, smoking, hitting on other cats on his reign with his famous sentence "do you wanna make up?". He is a caricature character created by Bülent Üstün in 1996.

So now you know about this anti-hero cat lets talk about the movie itself. The script is made of adding up the older famous caricature stories and it can be easily said that şero (şerafettin) kept his origins. There are lots of laugh moments through out the movie and sometimes you just cant stop laughing. Bad language is used which was necessary because of the origin.

The animation was amazing when you think about this movie is one of the first Turkish animation movie. It is world standard from a crew with not that much experience. Istanbul they created is so amazing, you feel like you are in it and only this reason is enough for watching this movie. Apart from the setting characters kept their origin successfully. You can feel the evilness from just a look of Şero.

The only thing that i don't like about this movie is the endless story of the villain itself which repeats so many times that it gets boring in the end.

If you are a fan of Şero or animation movies this is a must for you. Even you don't like this genre this movie can make you smile. Production of this movie was 10 years long and in my opinion all that work created a amazing movie.

Reviewed by kafkasmurat72 9 / 10

A Different Perspective of "Animation"

Animals as we see in the Hollywood movies, presented human-like nowadays. Why isn't there any realistic "animation"? Animals ain't polite or save the world for a week. They mind their own business. Like the Bad Cat minds its own fish and booze. A definite thing about this movie is its diversity. There is an assumption that animals talk, this is animational constant. But their speech differs in this movie. It's fun to see cats swearing and yelling in the city. They're not bound to humans. Especially cats, as they domesticated spontaneously, because of mutual needs with men, shouldn't be presented as dependent toys. They'd always find a way through. This movie is about finding way for fun. Have fun.

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